Sadamoto on Kaworu

Originated from via (6/2/13)


Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

The author cosplays as Lilith, but gazes down in chagrin at the brand “metabo”–metabolic syndrome.

I have never had feelings for someone of the same sex before…or so I thought. In my childhood I was enamored with anime and superheroes. I tried imitating them a lot, and apparently there was even a time that I thought I was Obake-no-Q-taro. All of the pictures taken of me during that phase had me doing mischievous poses, so I think that there may have even been a time that I was mischievous.

Even after reaching an age of discretion, I was influenced by novels and movies that depict the way men live and die. Stories about Kamen Rider, Bruce Lee, the Seven Samurai, James Bond, Lupin III and the like. More often than not though, they were about men. Hmm.

In Kaworu’s case, through Rei’s heart flowing into his own, he is held captive by feelings that would get him nowhere–because he was still unable to even comprehend the feelings.

Actually, when I was drawing this volume, I was thinking to myself, “Kaworu is a pretty good guy,” and “Shinji, try and understand,” and “You’re actually a little interested, aren’t you?”

Then, I came to the realization that I was sort of starting to develop feelings for Kaworu.

Whoa! Yukes!!