Ogata Tweets

Obtained from 4chan.org/cm/ [screenshot 1/screenshot 2] (5/4/13)
Translated by /cm/ anon


刺されたのはシンジだから嫌だ。どっちかってーと刺す方n(ry← “@popoi: ヤリ始めたからにはヤリ遂げなければならないんだ! @Mugen74: @Megumi_Ogata @popoi 二本の槍ってそういう… 抜くってそういう… やめようシンジ君///ってそういう…”

@Mugen74: @Megumi_Ogata @popoi Two spears, they said… Pull it out, they said… “Stop, Shinji-kun ///”, they said…
@popoi: There’s no way I can leave the spear in there, now that I’ve started to pull it out!
Ogata: I don’t like that Shinji’s the one being stabbed. If you had to ask me who should do the stabbing, it should b– (cuts self off)



Ogata: “Here you go, Kaworu-kun” “Huh?” “It’s toukibi/corn chocolate. It’s warm (my heart, that is).” “… It’s delicious…!” … that kind of thing? ←


/cm/ anon (5/7/13)

「父さんは何で笑ってるんだ… 何で僕じゃなくカヲル君を手に取ってるんだ…ッ!」(涙)

“「Why are you smiling, dad…? Why are you the one who got Kaworu and not me…!」(tears)”


/cm/ anon (6/8/13)

お祝いありがとうございます!(笑) 「碇シンジ」の6/6は「キャラの誕生日・血液型は中の人と同じでいいよ」と庵野さんが仰ったから私と同じになったと伺っておりますが、血液型は「シンジがB型のワケないんでここだけは却下!」とA型になったと聞いてます(

[PARAPHRASE] She explains that Shinji birthday is the same as hers because Anno says it’s enough that the characters share the same birthrate and blood type as the VAs. Shinji is A because of his personality that he cannot be a type B like her.