3.0 Kaworu’s Death – Ogata

Obtained from norio-kun.tumblr.com (5/5/13)
Translated by youkoofthelovespot.tumblr.com


Ogata: During this recording, Anno-san said “Just perform as you think it’d sound” to me for a lot of the scenes, but in 3.0 a lot of the nuances of the lines changed when I got onto the stage for it.  So when we were recording for when Kaworu-kun died, I thought “Oh no…how will I say these lines…” and got extremely troubled.  And when that happened, Anno-san said “Hmm, so after this, Ogata-san doesn’t want to speak anymore, right?”  And I said “Yes!”

“Then, from here on out, let’s cut all of Shinji’s lines.”

“Thank you very much!” —is what we said (laugh)  In that moment, Anno-san had a 400% synchro ratio with Shinji! (laughs)


/cm/ anon (5/8/13)

Shinji’s line was, “No matter what I do, it is all useless” or something like that.