2013 – Gold Coast Eva Exhibit – Miyamura

Conversation on 4chan.org/cm/ with anon who met Yuko Miyamura. Not an official interview. Obtained sometime in April 2013.


  • Just got back from the Gold Coast Eva exhibit and con – the Eva exhibit isn’t anything too special, and they were playing dubbed 2.22. The Kaworu cel was pretty cool, though.

    Yuko Miyamura is really nice, but I asked her about Asuka’s character progression from 3.0 onwards and she hasn’t even seen 3.0 at all (she implied that she basically left Japan as soon as her VA was completed). I thought that was kind of surprising, actually. She was also very cagey about any future Eva related releases beyond 4.0 (no they haven’t done recording yet).

  • Wait, Miyamura on her interviews goes on talking about Asuka in the movie, what the fuck?
  • She’s talking about her role of how she was told to play her. She didn’t record with the other actors.

    Ishida and Ogata recorded together, for instance. And both were able to see the ending. Yuko returns immediately and quickly to Australia after she gets her paycheck.

    I felt like a bit of a dick after I asked the question regarding Asuka’s character because of course spoilers, and she was surprised people outside of Japan had seen it.

    In terms of the Eva related questions, she considers Asuka like a daughter to her, and still enjoys playing her but the way she was phrasing her answers gave the impression that she wasn’t all that fond of how intense the Eva recording process is. The moderator asked a 2deep5u philosophical question regarding what Asuka’s character “meaning” in Evangelion and she very elegantly brought it round to “well actually it’s more Shinji’s story” but explained how young men and women need to experience lessons in life beyond roles like “mother” and “father” to understand who they are. She talked a lot about her two kids and how she looks at their different personalities/growth. Actually she talked about her kids a lot – she was pregnant with one of them when she was recording 2.0 and felt really uncomfortable with the screaming/aggressive bits which is why she isn’t doing any more VA until the kids are a bit older.

    There was a question about her favourite role (Asuka), one about her favourite and least favourite Asuka merch (she really likes the Hello Kitty x Eva merch but is sad Asuka didn’t get a talking kitty whereas Rei did because she wanted to do the VA for it. And Tiffany Grant is still a creepy ass Asuka fanatic who emailed Miyamura for the Hello Kitty Asuka shirts).

    I asked her another question at the end regarding voice acting that she kind of dodged – my question was who was someone in voice acting she really enjoyed working with and who was someone she found kind of difficult, instead she started talking about the voice recording process (she said directly that they are all in a room and record together) and how during breaks they talk about motherhood/high school/personal lives (my mind immediately went to Ogata and Ishida who are so foreveralone it hurts).

    Then she started to tentatively talk about how Eva is notorious and infamously difficult to record, because Anno is so exacting, and how they have to do a LOT of takes to get the right ones. She actually brought up the EoE choking scene and was talking about how she and Ogata were finding it really difficult, then she actually stood up and got on the floor, and asked the translator to come over and kneel on top of her and mime what Ogata was doing to choke her. Pretty awesome!

    After that she did some live voice acting from 2.0 – very gracious and nice. I was surprised she needed a translator since she’s been living here for a long time now but I suppose complicated questions need more fluent answers.

  • Yeah she runs her seiyuu school in Melbourne and goes back to Japan for her old roles (like Detective Conan) and that’s it. I don’t really blame her, with two young kids at home, but it’s still kind of interesting she isn’t around at all for any promo.
  • Oh I forgot too – she didn’t want to give away any spoilers for 3.0 but she said all she really wants out of 4.0 is for Asuka to have a happy ending finally.
  • Ogata is married but no kids, so it’d be really awkward if the women really do stand around and talk motherhood.

    I don’t think the kids will have an effect on Asuka necessarily, since they’re so removed from the process anyway. Unless she gets pregnant again, of course.

    As a random aside, that illness she had really has affected her looks, but she’s very nice and was very cute at the signing booth. I’m sure that’s probably also another reason why she hasn’t gone back into acting at all.