2012? – Tanabata Discussion [PARAPHRASED]

Obtained from bilibili.tv (5/4/13)
Translated by /cm/ anon
Event happened in 1997



They were discussing about who would be ‘Orihime’ if Shinji were Hikoboshi. At first, Misato’s VA was like, “If it were Asuka… the relationship would be a bit painful…” “It’s going to rain all the time, right.” And finally, they both agreed on Kaworu. lel

  • “For Shinji, I suppose it would definitely be…. Kaworu-kun…” *nods*
  • Rei’s VA (I think?), oops. Sorry, not really familiar with their faces.
  • Yeah Rei’s VA, Hayashibara said Kaworu was Shinji’s Orihime and Misao’s Va agreed
  • What did they say about Gendo?
  • They were trying to figure out who’d be Rei’s Hikoboshi. Rei’s VA suggested Gendo.