Platinum Booklets – Video Version and On-Air Version

Originated from (5/9/13)


Roughly divided, there exist three versions of the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series. They are the “TV initial broadcast version,” “LD & VHS version,” and this “renewal DVD version.”

The “TV initial broadcast version” is literally what was aired on television. To this, in being released, the production staff put more work into the video and audio in order to make it closer to what they had imagined, and this is the “LD & VHS version.” Some examples of the changes that are often talked about among the fans are that each of the episode titles had ruby text in the “TV initial broadcast version,” which are no longer there in the “LD & VHS version,” and that the brand name of the beer Misato drinks in Episode Two has been changed from Ebichu Beer in the “TV initial broadcast version” to Ebisu Beer in the “LD & VHS version.” With regards to Episode Twenty-One to Episode Twenty-Four for the “LD & VHS version,” new scenes were added, and substantial revisions were made to the animation and such. Several of the additional scenes had been released previously in the theatrical Evangelion: Death. The older DVD series is also fundamentally the “LD & VHS version.”

For the “renewal DVD version,” renewal work was done on Episode One to Episode Twenty, Episode Twenty-Five, and the Final Episode using the “LD & VHS version” as the source. For Episode Twenty-One to Episode Twenty-Four, there are both the “Video Version,” which is the result of renewal work done on “LD & VHS version” with the new additional scenes, and the “On-Air Version,” which was built to the length of the “TV initial broadcast version.” Though the “On-Air Version” is matched to the length of the “TV initial broadcast version,” it is a new version, which has had the same revisions and renewal work done on them with regards to the video and audio as the “LD & VHS version.” Furthermore, for the “Video Version” for Episode Twenty-One to Episode Twenty-Four, the staff members who worked on the addition and revision of scenes in the “LD & VHS version” are listed separately in the ending credits as “Video Version Staff.” In the “On-Air Version,” the “TV initial broadcast version” staff and the staff members who added and revised scenes in the “LD & VHS version” are listed together.