Platinum Booklets – Opening

Originated from (5/9/13)


For a TV anime series, the opening sequence is its face. What sets this sequence apart are the up-tempo scene cuts that make effective use of short segments. The 90-second piece is constructed of 84 scenes. In other words, each scene only gets an average of about 1 second. The opening of this show has been lauded as a masterpiece for brilliantly matching the music to the images, its strong impact, and its sharp sensibilities.

Among the footage shown are included a number of characters and images who appear towards the middle and end of the show as well. At the time this show aired, these served as signs of things to come and the presentation of mysteries to the viewers. How will the images of Unit-01’s bloody hand and of the bloody utility poles and Unit-01’s foot unfold and appear within the story? What is the giant of light that possesses a silhouette that looks like an Eva? Who are the pencil sketches of the woman and the boy with the piercing gaze? What about the mysterious letters in the final scene? Or why does the caption “ANGEL” appear after the scene of the boy’s face and the scene of Rei Ayanami? All the answers to the mysteries presented in the opening are presented in the show and the movies.

Holding an awesome amount of information, it presents the audience with fascinating mysteries. No matter how many times you watch it over again, there is always something new to discover. This opening truly brought together the spellbinding appeal that is Neon Genesis Evangelion.