Platinum Booklets – Angel Profiles

Originated from (5/9/13)


The Third Angel

The first Angel said to have attacked in 15 years since the Second Impact. In Episode Fourteen “Seele, Throne of Souls,” it is revealed that its name is the same as the angel “Sachiel” that appears in the “Bible” (later Angels are also named in the same episode). “Sachiel” is an angel of water, and similarly, the Third Angel was capable of acting under water. Angels come in various shapes, but of them, this one has a shape close to a human and even has a part towards the top of its body that looks suggestively like a human “face.”

Of particular note among its abilities is the AT field. This is an ability that can be seen across all Angels, and it is an absolute defensive wall that can render all existing weapons ineffective. It is so powerful that it repelled every last weapon the U.N. military used on it and left them with no other means to fight it. Even their trump card, the N2 mine, was reduced in effectiveness.

It can be surmised that it did not have any long-range attack methods when it first appeared, but it behaved slngularly when it stopped a missile with the palm of its hand in its fight with the U.N. military, and after that, it had acquired similar attack capabilitles. This Angel did not have any knowledge of flying weapons, but through the experience of being attacked in this fashion, it had changed its own body in just a short amount of time. From this event, it becomes clear that Angels have the ability to learn and to amplify their own functionality.

In addition, it has the ability to repair itself, and it is capable of repairing or rebuilding its damaged parts. When its “face-like thing” was damaged from the U.N. military’s attacks, it regenerated a new one of the same exact thing.

The weapons it is equipped with are spear-shaped weapons sheathed in its forearms and the aforementioned invisible long-range attacks. It is also capable of flying, though only for short dlstences. In the initial fight, it self-destructs at the end of its fight with Unit-01 but fails to destroy Unit-01.


The Fourth Angel

The Fourth Angel bears the name of “Shamshel,” the angel of daytime. Its appearance calls to mind an insect, and it is composed of two parts, the disk-shaped head and the abdominal area stretching behind it A pair of arms stretches out to either side and eight segmented legs can also been seen on its abdominal area.

The most distinctive characteristic of this Angel is that it has the ability to metamorphose according to its target and situation. It has its aerial mode, where it folds its arms in and aligns its head and abdominal area in a straight line. From that mode, it goes into semi-combat mode where its arms are extended. And then there is the combat mode whore it raises its body perpendicular to the ground and tilts its head down 90 degrees to the front. Broadly speaking, it metamorphoses into these three forms.

It has the ability to fly. but it is fundamentally low speed, low altitude flight. Additionally, the patterns on its head are not eyes but appear to be mimesis. Considering how it accurately attacks Unit-01, which is directly below it, it is hard to think that they are optic organs. In its semi-combat and combat modes, a whip-like part extends from the tips of its arms, which it uses to attack. These whip-like parts have the power to slice apart the pallet gun and armament building and even to pierce Unit-01’s abdominal region. They can also be used to pull such stunts as grabbing Unlt-01’s leg and throwing it.

In the second battle, it is defeated, but it retains its original shape and is ultimately seized by NERV as research material.


The Fifth Angel

The Fifth Angel bears the name of “Ramiel,” the angel of thunder. It entered New Tokyo-3 from the direction of Lake Ashino. It has a regular octahedral shape, like two pyramids stuck together on top and bottom, and is composed of planes that are reflective enough to even reflect the clouds in the sky. It has no animate characteristics and appears very inanimate. However, seeing how it commenced an accurate attack from directly above NERV Headquarters and how it took preemptive action against Unit-01 when Unit-0O1 was first deployed and then right before Unit-01 was about to fire upon it, it is clear that it possesses highly precise sensory organs. The mega-particle cannon that it fires against anyone entering within a certain distance is also capable of sniping long-range targets. It is powerful enough to pierce armament buildings and even melt the third layer of armor plating on Unit-01’s chest. In addition, it extends a giant shield with a diameter of 17.5 meters, drilling and attecking everything directly underneath it. Though it ultimately gives NERV a chance to counter it due to its slowness, its piercing ability is most incredible. It came very close to reaching NERV headquarters located deep within the Geo Front. It also has an AT field powerful enough to be seen by the naked eye, and furthermore, its core is housed within its body. It also shows no sign of any openings in terms of its defense. The chief of operetions at the special duty organization NERV, Misato Katsuragi, called it an “aerial fortress,” but this is a most accurate description.


The Sixth Angel

The Sixth Angel, which bears the name “Gaghiel.” Its streamlined form provides little resistance underwater, and it moves by undulating its giant body. It is an Angel specially suited for activity underwater, so it can be said that the name of “Gaghiel,” the angel of fish, is fitting.

Though it does not employ any special attacks, the sheer unparalleled physical attacks utilizing its giant body and high speed mobility sends the U.N. naval fleet ships sinking one after another off the shore of Old Ita where the encounter took place. It inflicted a tremendous amount of damage resulting in the loss of roughly 1/3 of the ships. Against close proximfty targets, it opens up its oral cavity-like fixture located towards the front and crushes its target wfth the sharp fangs inside. The core, which could be called an Angel’s vital point, is located in this mouth and is normally not exposed. Thus, in fighting it, Unit-02 opens its mouth while neutralizing the AT field. After exposing the core, they succeed in annihilating it with point blank firing of tha main cannons on two warships.

Furthermore, this is also the one and only Angel that appeared somewhere other than New Tokyo-3. Its object is believed to have been one of two things, either the Unit-02 being transported by the Pacfic fleet or the contents of Ryoji Kaji’s trunk.


The Seventh Angel

The Seventh Angel, which bears the name of the angel of music, “Israfel”. The most notable thing about this Angel is its ability to split and remerge. In the first battle with Eva Unit-01 and Unit-02, its body was severed in half by the sonic glaive, at which time it immediately became two individuals. During this time, NERV differentiated the two Angel bodies by calling the one with the orange body surface A and the other B. Furthermore, it regenerated after the U.N. army attacked it with N2 depth charges during its N-3 Operation. Dunng its regeneration, the two parts merged and regained its original appearance before the split.

Its ability to learn and evolve should be noted as well. In the initial fight. it did not even dodge the sonic glaive attack, but in the second fight, it defended against the spear attacks coming in from overhead and dodges the Evas’ attacks by jumping. These are likely the result of it learning the attack methods from the previous battle. Its attack capabilities are formidable, and the A and B parts easily deteated Eva Unit-01 and Unit-02 in the first battle. As for its methods of attack, in the second fight it is seen using sharp claws to slice through the super-thlck armor plate and firing visible light beams for long-range attacks. These are also thought to be abilities it attained by changing its own body through its experience of the attacks Eva Unit-01 and Unit-02 employed against it in the first fight.

It is assumed that this Angel splits if it is attacked while it is in one body and even if one of the split bodies is defeated, it can regenerate by merging with the remaining body. For this reason, NERV came up with a plan to massively attack both parts of the core while it is trying to split. Through perfect unison, Eva Unit-01 and Unit-02 succeed in doing so.


The Eighth Angel

The Eighth Angel discovered by the Mount Asama Earthquake Laboratory inside the volcanic opening of Mount Asama. This Angel, which bears the name of “Sandalphon,” the angel of unborn children, was not yet fully grown when it was discovered and was in a so-called pupal state. Its form, which was captured by the heat-resistant observation unit bathyscaphe, strongly resembles a human embryo, having a pair of hands, a pair of legs, and even 5 fingers on each hand. However, after hatching, the Eighth Angel rapidly matures into a figure that looks more fishlike than human and Its shape looks very much like Anomalocaris, Earth’s first serious carnivorous creature that lived during the Cambrian Period. It is conceivable that this Angel devolved from its humanoid embryonic pupal state to that of a prehistoric fish and then evolved into a form that was suited for combat in the lava.

It has a flexible pair of long arms and a circular oral cavity, and it captures its opponent with its arms and attacks by using its powerful teeth. Its body is strong enough that it is able to open its oral cavity even in the high temperature, high pressure environment of the lava, and it is also fast. In the fight that ensued within the volcanic mouth of Mount Asama, it cornered Eva Unit-02 by fully utilizing its powerful AT field and its swiftness. However, with the coolant that Unit-O2 injects in it, its thermally expanded body tissue rapidly loses its heat and is destroyed, allowing it to be defeated by a single follow-up blow from the progressive knife. The reason the progressive knife, which had been ineffective up until then, was able to pierce it was because its AT field had become weakened due to the destruction of its bodily tissue.


The Ninth Angel

If the Third and Seventh Angels were humanoid and the Sixth and Eighth Angels were fish shaped, this Angel could be categorized as insectile. This is the Ninth Angel, bearing the name of “Matarael.” the angel of rain.

Its appearance, with the long thin legs extending from its body, is very similar to that of spiders on Earth and even its actions, such as when it moves around, are approximately the same as spiders. The four legs extending from its body all have 2 joints and are capable of fine movement such as turning and backing up. Its oval-shaped body has numerous eye-like parts, but these are not eyes and are believed to be patterns for camouflage.

The attack method that it chose uses a powerful liquid solvent, which it excretes from the parts that look like eyes on the underside of its body. Its effectiveness is also clear from the fact it instantly dissolved Eva Unit-00’s hard case. It is believed that this attack is effective only against enemies directly below it, and it is unclear whether it has other attack methods for enemies in front, behind, to its left or right, or directly above it, or if it is an Angel specialized in fighting enemies directly below.

This Angel was spotted by the observetion radar of Fuchu General Supreme Command Headquarters Integreted Security Control Room and landed in the direction of Old Atami. It made its way directly to New Tokyo-3 without being met with any special resistance. This is due to NERV’s response being delayed because of the great power outage that occunred in New Tokyo-3. The Ninth Angel arrived directly over NERV Headquerters before the power came back in New Tokyo-3 and attempted to directly invade the Headquarters by using liquid solvent. However, Eva Units 00, 01, and 02, which were launched manually, work together to counter it. Its AT field is neutralized, and it is destroyed by a pallet gun.


The Tenth Angel

The Tenth Angel bearing the neme of “Sahaquiel,” the angel of the skies. Its size is easily several dozen times greater then the Eves, end even compared with the other Angels, it can be safely said that it is the largest. Its form is symmetrical and evokes images of single-cell organisms, such as amoebas.

Its primary means of attack is small pieces of itself split off from the main body. It uses these like bombs by causing them to fall to earth from satellite orbit. Considering that these small pieces still deploy AT fields even after it has been seperated, it seems it is not just a piece split off from the main body but is a form of fisson, which the Seventh Angel also displayed.

By also magnifying and aggravating its own main AT field, It destroyed the search satellites. This is a new way to use the AT field, which had been thought of as a defensive device up until now. Of course, its defensive capabilities, which is the AT field’s main characteristic, is also high, and it has displayed its strength by withstanding an aerial N^2 bombing unscathed.

The Angels that had appeared thus far were believed to have no countermeasures against information warfare, such as communications and reconnaissance, or possibly no interest. However, this Angel displayed information warfare capabilities as well. First, it destroyed the search satellites, then right after that, it interfered with communications on the ground with a powerful jamming ability. Furthermore, after the aelial N^2 bombing, it vanished from the reconnaissance net through jamming.

After escaping the reconnaissance net through jamming, it plummeted towards New Tokyo-3. It plotted to destroy NERV Headquarters using its main body. However, it is cought by Eva Unit-01’s fully deployed AT field and is destroyed when Unit-00 and Unit-02 arrive.


The Eleventh Angel

The Eleventh Angel, which possesses the most unique form and abilities of all the Angels. Its name is that of “Iruel”, angel of terror. Its size is most small, being about as large as bacteria, individually. As can be seen from the simultaneous outbreak of AT fields after the polysome attack, numerous Angels of the same type are gathered together and are acting as one. In other words, it is a form of colony.

It first appears in Protein Wall #87 on Floor A of the Sigma Unit in Central Dogma. Propegating the corroded area, it arrived at the Eva mock up in the Pribnow box. After that, it evolved and continued to propagate, using the Eva mock up as a stronghold, and invaded the supercomputer MAGI, NERV’s brain, by breaking through other protective walls of the three different systems, n first took over Melchior-1, then continued to hack Balthasar-2.

This Angel constantly changes itself, overcoming weaknesses, Its ability is this exploslvely fast evolution. In order to invade computers, it turned its own form into electronic signals changing into a being that had both a biological aspect and a programming aspect.

As proposed by Dr, Ritsuko Akagi, NERV conducts a reverse hacking from the remaining Casper-3 and executes an operation to implant a self-destruct acceleration program. This program acceleretes the Angel’s evolution taking it to the final stage of evolution, self-destruction. The operation is a success and the crisis was averted without the help of the Evas.


The Twelfth Angel

The Twelfth Angel with the name of the angel of night, “Leliel.” It is composed of two parts, the spherical body that appeared over the city of New Tokyo-3, and the part directly beneath which looks like a black shadow. However, the spherical body that appears to be its main body is in fact its shadow, and the part that looks like the shadow is actually its main body.

Its main body’s diameter is 680 meters with a thickness of approximately 3 nanometers. It maintains this extremely thin space with an AT field that is turned inward, and it is believed that inside, it leads to an imaginary space called Dirac’s sea, an alternate dimension. Incidentally, a nanometer is a unit that rapresents one-billionth of a meter.

The Twelfth Angel took Eva Unit-01 into this space, but it is unclear whether its purpose was the obliteration of the Eva or to contact the pilot. The Unit-01 pilot used radar and sonar inside, but considering that none of it was reflected back from his surroundings, it is believed that the area inside is of considerable size. This Angel uses an imaginary corridor in order to connect the alternate dimension with the normal dimension. The Angel is capable of opening and closing at will the entrance to this space, which is its own body. The appearance and disappearance of the spherical body in the air is also due to this imaginary corridor.

Later, the appearance of Unit-01 from the spherical body in the air after being swallowed up earlier is sunmised to be due to an anomaly in this imaginary corridor. In other words, the imaginary corridor that had connection a separate space to its own interior must have mistakenly opened up a door to the spherical body in the air. Unit-01’s activities inside are unknown, but it is also conceivable that it interfared with the Angel’s imaginary corridor by using its own AT field.


The Thirteenth Angel

The Thirteenth Angel, which became a parasite on the body of Eva Unit-03 while bong transported to Japan, has the name of the angel that governs lightning and hail, “Bardiel.”

The Eva transport craft, which took off from America, made arriving on time the top priority and thus, flew through a cumulonimbus en route. That was when it invaded and hid in the body. And during the Matsushiro activation experiment right after the Fourth Child boarded. It waited for its host to completely activate before awakening. As can be discerned from its extended period of activity without connection to an external power source, its power source is not the Eva’s internal battery, but a power source the Angel newly created itself. The high energy reading spotted in the body of Unit-03 directly after it went berserk is thought to be that power source.

The hyphae-like biological tissue found on the inside of Eva-03’s armor and around the entry plug is in fact the Thirteenth Angel’s main body. The basic specs of Unit-03 are the same as that of Unit-02, however, once taken over by the Thirteenth Angel, this same unit overwhelmed Unit-02 and Unit-00 with extremely swift attacks utilizing morphing abilities. In its battle with Unit-01, it attacked by extending its arms. This is believed to be due to the Thirteenth Angwl having physically transmutated Unit-03 in order to improve its mobility and acquire new capabilities. The fact that it transmutatad not only the Eva’s main body but also the arm parts was most shocking.

Against Unit-00, it tried to pour germs in a liquid form to invade through the arm’s nerve ganglia, but by the Commander’s orders, NERV jettisoned Unit-00’s left arm to counter this. From this method of invasion, it can be seen that the Angel’s main body is not a single individual being. It is likely an aggragate of Angels the size of bacterium.

The Fourteenth Angel

The Fourteenth Angel with the name of “Zeruel,” the angel that governs power, which suddenly appeared in the city of New Tokyo-3 soon after the annihilation of Bardiel. It excels in both offensive and defensive power, and there is no previous Angel that can compare to it. Undetected by any radar, it appeared within the absolute defense zone and immediately invaded Geo Front. It became the first Angel to successfully physically invade Central Dogma by utilizing its abilities. It moves while floating, and it only walked on the parts that look like legs when it invaded the building. Largely divided, it has two means of attack. One is an attack by a light beam emitted from the eye-socket-like part of the head that looks like a skull. With this, it instantly destroyed 18 of the 22 specially armored defensive partitions that separate the surface city of New Tokyo-3 and Goo Front and also destroyed Eva Unit-01’s left arm. Its other weapons are the arms below its shoulders, which are folded up like an accordion (manipulators). By extending its ribbon-like arms, which it can elongate and shrink at will, it severs its targets. Its power is so great that it severed Unit-02’s head and arms in mere seconds.

In addition, the normally exposed core in the center of its body is instantly covered by defensive armoring if it detects an attack. Unit-00’s suicide attack ended in failure due to this. This can also be thought of as a decoy, which takes advantage of strategic deployments in the past against previous Angels, which made destroying the core its number one goal. The focused barrage after the AT field was neutralized was also ineffective. It can literally be said to be the greatest Angel. It pressed on, constantly on the offensive, but it met a gruesome end, preyed upon by the awakened Unit-01.


The Fifteenth Angel

The Fifteen Angel with the name of the angel of birds, “Arael.” It has a form like that of a glowing bird, and its core is exposed, held in parts that appear to be hands.

After suddenly appearing in satellite orbit, it stays stationary in the same spot. It maintains its silence until the Evas are mobilized. But as soon as it sights Unit-02, which had launched an independent attack ignoring Major Katsuragi’s orders, on the ground, it fires an energy wave in the visible spectrum very similar to an AT field. It erodes the psyche of Asuka Langley Sohryu, pilot of Unit-02, exposing even her trauma from her childhood by diving deep into her subconscious. It presses the pilot’s life support circuits to the brink.

It can be surmised that its objective was to perform a hack in order to learn about the psychological makeup of humans, in addition to incapacitating the subject.

At the outset of the operation, Unit-02 attempts to launch an attack using the custom Eva positron rifle armament, but it is ineffective due to the target being out of range. Unit-00’s attack using the modified high output positron rifle reaches the target, but is easily repelled by the AT field. The Evas on the ground cannot neutralize the Fifteenth Angel’s AT field out in satellite orbit, nor can the Angel neutralize the AT fields of the Evas on the ground, but it is capable of launching a psychological attack with the aforementioned energy wave within the visible spectrum. If it appeared in satellite orbit with this strategy in mind or possibly if it had attained the ability to launch a psychological attack for this strategy, it can be said that this Angel is highly intelligent.


The Sixteenth Angel

An Angel with a giant luminescent body with a non-fixed form. The Sixteenth Angel, which bears the name of “Annisael,” the angel that governs the womb. Its shape and properties are both indeterminate. Considering that it cycled its pattern from blue to orange, we can essume that it had changed its form to something other than that of an Angel earlier.

When it first appeared in the skies over Hakone, it was a circular loop of a double helix, much like DNA, but when Unit-00 moved to intercept, it instantly deploys its body into the shape of a rope. It attacked by using one end to pierce Unit-00’s body. It also repelled a point-blank range rifle attack with its AT field. And during the battle, it begins a physical erosion with the part directly in contact with Unit-00. The earlier Angel, the Fifteenth Angel Arael, eroded Unit-02’s pilot’s psyche using an energy wave within the visible spectrum, but this Angel worms its way into the pilot’s psyche using itself, launching an assault by communication.

In the process of eroding Unit-00, a heteromorphous object grows out of the unit’s back. It enlarges and expands into a fonn that is a confused combination of the Angels that have prevlously appeared, from the Third Angel to the Fmeenth Angel. It can be deduced that the genetic information of all the Angels from the Third onwards is included in either this Angel or Unit-00, and that this object was reconstructed and deployed based on that material.

The pilot of Unit-00, Rei Ayanami, destroys this Angel by self-destructing, but ironically, the Angel’s psychological intervention is what caused this decision to be made. Just before the explosion, the merged form of the Angel and Eva Unit-00 transform into the shape of Rei Ayanami, but it is not clear if this is due to the Angel’s control, or if it is Unit-00’s true form, or perhaps one of the Angel’s evolutionary lineage.


The Seventeenth Angel

The Fifth Child assigned to NERV Headquarters by the Human Instrumentality Committee. His true identity is that of the final Angel, who has at last taken human forn. Outwardly, he is a dignified, intelligent 14-year-old boy. A distinguishing physical characteristic is his red eyes.

During the Eva boarding test, he sets a prodigious synch rate record, but it is also revealed later that he can freely set his synch rete anywhere he wants. Once he begins to act as the Angel, he induces the unmanned Eva Unit-02 to activate and easily enters Tenninal Dogma. In the fight against the pursuing Unit-01, he evades the progressive knife using an AT field he deploys himself. He called it the “wall of the heart.”

Just as the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Angels attempted to make direct contect with Asuka and Rei’s minds, respectively, Kaworu Nagisa also aggressively pursues Shinji’s inner thoughts. This Angel conducted this, not in the form of an “attack,” but in the form of the extremely peaceable method of “a human exchange.” In other words, by using words and expressions to demonstrate his friendly sentiments. And he does a brilliant job of eliminating the wall around Shinji’s heart. If “the AT field is the wall of the heart” as he says, then this could also be called the neutralizing of the AT field.

This Angel left us with numerous mysterious words, but it seems he was an existence with the soul of Adam. He is also an Angel that SEELE sent in directly. We can consider these things to clearly set him apart from the Angels that have appaared in New Tokyo-3 thus far. He also says of Rei and Gendo that he is the same as them. Is that to mean that he is a being given a soul, just as Rei had been, and that he has a regenerated body, just as Gendo has half of Adam?