Evangelion: Death & Rebirth Theatrical Book Deluxe Edition Character’s Descriptions

Originated from avacado-slice.tumblr.com (5/17/13)
Translated by /a/ anons
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The Fatal Disease – [page]

A cowardly soul. A heart full of want. A desire to be loved.
Ikari Shinji.
The day he headed for the land of destiny was coincidentally the day of the first Angel attack in 15 years.
His father’s order. The adults’ expectations. An injured girl.
“I mustn’t run away.”
He repeats like a spell and pilots the Eva.
Sortie. Berserk. Battle. Defense. Strategy. Defeat. Ambush. Crushing. Retreat. Berserk. Destruction.
He has several meetings of chance as he continued to battle the Angels.
Ayanami Rei — Bandages. Mysteries. Indifference. An object of interest. Mother.
Soryu Asuka Langley — Girl. Perplexing. Formidable. Indecipherable. Sex.
Katsuragi Misato — Adult. Superior. Meddlesome. Soldier. Family.
Ikari Gendo — Harsh. Commander. Hatred. Anger. Father. Father. Father…
Many words and looks were directed at him.
But, he closed himself away in the deep, dark depths of his heart, and simply hid himself.
Just staring timidly from the shadows…
But, the words “I love you” cleared away the darkness in his heart.
Nagisa Kaworu. The Fifth Child. A kind boy.
The first person he opened his heart to.
But, Kaworu turned out to be an Angel. The enemy of man. Something not human.
Betrayal. Despair. Regret. Anger.
He gets in Unit 01 and wrings out those complicated emotions as he kills Kaworu.
The first person to tell him “I love you.”
The first being he opened his heart to.
With his own hands…


An expressionless mask of Noh. A girl who doesn’t dream.
A dutiful performer. One out of so many.
Rei Ayanami.
A qualified Children from the day she was born.
After living with Eva for 14 years, her existence was one with the Project.
And then, the promised time arrived. She meets the first Children other than herself.
Shinji Ikari. The Third Children.
A boy her same age. That man’s son.
Shinji’s arrival harbingered the instantaneous attack of an Angel.
Orders. Implementation. Orders. Implementation. Orders. Implementation. Orders. Implementation. As the scenario advances, he is the one who changes her.
Smiles. Concerns. Words of gratitude.
These were all dedicated to him.
She smiled at him. She worried about him.
“Thank you” she uttered.
And when she spilled her first tears, she finally realized.
“This is my heart. I want to be with Ikari-kun.”
However, death took her away before she could express her heart.
Replication and reunion came immediately.
And she appeared once again before Shinji.
But the third Rei knew nothing.
About Shinji.
About her heart.
Or about the reason for her tears…

A Violated Heart

A high yet fragile wall. A tightly stretched string. The dread of being unnecessary.
Souryu Asuka Langley.
She lost her mother when she was young.
Her mother killed her within her heart and instead chose to give her love to a doll.
Therefore, she longed for strength.
The strength to defeat anyone.
The strength to be able to be on her own.
The strength that could become her reason to exist.
Then in 2015, the time came for her to announce this strength to everyone around her.
The chosen stage: Tokyo-Three. The mission: to beat the Angels.
However, there were already others before her.
Shinji Ikari. And also Rei Ayanami.
Those two must be below her.
Sortie. Soaring. Triumph. Action. Military prowess. Accomplishment. Defeat of the foe. Mistakes. Defeat. Rearguard. Dismissal.
“…I lost to stupid-Shinji…”
She lost her pride and she ran away.
But the organization found her and brought her back, confining her in a white lonely dungeon called a hospital room. Asuka sleeps under the sheets yet her heart is locked up.
Nein… Stop… Tod… Pain… Schmach… Mother… erhangen…
Her dreams within that white darkness are sour…