Evangelion Music

This is an incomplete list of songs that are associated with the Evangelion
franchise. Please excuse the mess.


Cruel Angel’s Thesis [TV]
Ode to Joy [TV]
Fly Me to the Moon [TV]

Soul’s Refrain (Tabris Mix) [D&R]
Heart! Return to Your Origin [D&R]

Thanatos: If I can’t be yours [EOE]
Komm, ssser Tod [EOE]
Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed [EOE]

Beautiful World [1.0]

The 356-Step March [2.0]
Today is the Time for Goodbye [2.0]
Please Give Me Wings [2.0]
Season of Love [2.0]

God’s Message [3.0]
The Ultimate Soldier [3.0]
Dark Defender [3.0]
The Anthem [3.0]
Out of the Dark [3.0]
Trust [3.0]
Return to Ash [3.0]
It will mean Victory [3.0]
Betrayal [3.0]
Scarred and Battled [3.0]
From Beethoven 9 [3.0]
The Wrath of God in All its Fury [3.0]
Gods Gift [3.0]
Kindred Spirits [3.0]
Peaceful Times (choeur) [3.0]
Famously… [3.0]
You Are Not Alone [3.0]
Sakura Nagashi [3.0]

Doukoku He No Monologue [Pachinko]
Shuuketsu no Sono He [Pachinko]

Needs Translation

Labyrinth of the Month by Yoko Takahashi
Premonition by Yoko Takahashi
Happiness is the Smell of Sin by Yoko Takahashi
Embrace Infinity by Yoko Takahashi
I’m Back to the Primitive Mind by Yoko Takahashi
Memories of Heaven by Megumi Hayashibara
You are the Only One by Kotono Mitsuishi
Aoi Legend by Kotono Mitsuishi
FALL in STAR by Kotono Mitsuishi
Don’t Turn Around by The Peanuts/Hiroshi Miyagawa