Unknown Kaworu Path

Obtained from blu3berrymuffins.tumblr.com via 17th-angel.tumblr.com (5/5/13)
Translated by /cm/ anon
From bilibili.tv


http://www.bilibili.tv/video/av468538/ needs subbed

This is from the NGE2 kaworu ending apparently

this is after shinji convinced kaworu to live

From 01:16

Kaworu: In the darkness. The White moon. Before I became this “me”……When did I became “me”?……Human, Lilin, I’m alive among the human. Is it better to die there as an Angel? But I choice to live. The Meaning of Life is the same whether you are Lilin or Angel. The Meaning of Life ……I should forget about everything. I already choice to live as a human.

From 03:51
Kaworu: This is ?
Kaworu’s Shadow: Do you know me?
Kaworu: My own heart. Is it the immature Lilin’s custom to face their weakness?
Kaworu’s Shadow: And you are getting better at imitating those immature Lilin. You even imitate their weakness.
Kaworu: Why are you here?
Kaworu’s Shadow: To make sure that you don’t forget your original purpose.
Kaworu: What is it? I can’t remember anymore.
Kaworu’s Shadow: Don’t try to fool me. I know you remember.
Kaworu: I want to forget now.
Kaworu’s Shadow: You seems indulge in making friends with Lilin. How immoral you are!
Kaworu:It isn’t like this! I only contact them so I can understand human.
Kaworu’s Shadow: I don’t think so. Living among Lilin is so warm and comfort that you almost want to forget everything.

Kaworu: The life support system is pushing to the limit?

Kaworu: My soul belong to myself. Even if my body is destroyed, even if I lost my memory of living as a human, I don’t want to give in to Adam’s fate anymore. But, in order to continue to live as a human, just this once, I will become Adam.

Ritsuko: The EVA should already shutdown, why does it still has so much power? Does Eva has a heart in a place human can’t reach!?
Aoba: Object annihilated confirmation. The pilot is still alive!

Kaworu: Who is me? What is me? Nagisa Kaworu. Tabris. Adam. They are just names that human used to call me. My look. This human shape. A vessel for soul. A shape human made for me. A shape designed by human. A child designed by human. Where is the real me? Where is my real body? No, does it matters if I know? But, what is me? I couldn’t stop thinking about this. The First Ancient Race that created me. Those old men……Commander Ikari. Maybe they know the secret. Where did I come from? Where should I go? The First Ancient Race……why did you create me?


This is leading to the Good Ending (*mumble mumble*) to Kaworu’s scenario – Broken Wings – in Evangelion 2 : Another Cases. He gets talked out of his Terminal Dogma dive in a completely separate continuity in one of Shinji’s scenarios.
There’s more discussion of Broken Wings and Shinji’s – I Like This World Though – scenario on the Evangelion 2 : Another Cases tag.