Super Robot Wars [PARAPHRASED]

Originated from (5/9/13)
Translated by /cm/ anon


>A “Time Diver”, in the Super Robot Wars multiverse, is an unique individual whose purpose is to protect and maintain “causality”. As such, they take on the role of preserving balance between multiple universes. In other words, they are dimension-travelers/hoppers who get involved in events inside said dimensions.

>Kaworu Nagisa (Neon Genesis Evangelion) is a Time Diver as well.

>Kaworu seems to be aware of other Super Robot Wars games he’s been in, despite them being in alternate universes. He references events that occurred in SRW F/F Final in Alpha 1, and references both of these in SRW MX. All of these occur in alternate continuities. This might actually extend to canon as well.

>”But why?” You may ask, “Why would a mecha crossover game not written by staff have any effect on the continuity of a series like Eva?”

>That’s the kicker: Anno has penned many of the SRW Evangelion events himself, most notably the End of Evangelion event during the Endgame of Alpha 3. In this scenario, Shinji not only rejects Instrumentality (thanks to the positive influence of the Alpha Numbers on him), but also his father Gendo, asserting he’s his own person. After beating EVA 01’s copy, Gendo tells his son he actually wanted to comfort him, but never had courage to open up. Before he dies, he finally tells Shinji he’s glad to see his son grow into such a strong man.

>Does this sound like a Shinji we know in canon? Yeah, it does. It sounds like Rebuild Shinji.

>Which is the final kicker: Rebuild’s events seem to be heavily inspired on the F/F Final Evangelion storyline (written by Anno). And then there’s Kaworu at the end of the first movie, who seems to remember Shinji…

>In other words, there is the possibility that the Time Diver Kaworu is whom we see in Rebuild, and so it is possible that it is the same as in the TV series.