Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 Kaworu

Originated from (5/17/13)


I found a scene from SRW Alpha 3 where Shinji confronts his dad and fights him in an Eva. He also rescues Rei it seems. Sounds kinda like how I expect Final to go, I’ll paste it here. These are written by Anno, right?

Terminal Dogma.
Gendou: “So he’s come…”
Eva-01 appears.
Gendou: “…”
Shinji: “…Dad…”
Gendou: “It’s been a long time.” (they haven’t met since Alpha which took place two years ago)
Shinji: “…Ayanami… Where’s Ayanami!?”
Gendou: “I don’t know. She left me, saying she wouldn’t be my puppet any longer…”
Shinji: “…”
Gendou: “Shinji… What did you come here for?”
Shinji: “…I…”
Gendou: “Did you come to defeat me, who had tricked you?”
Shinji: “…”
Gendou: “Yet the Eva is part of Lilith… As long as the Eva-01 exists we can still carry out instrumentality. Instrumentality… that’s the very reason I put you in that Eva in the first place.”
Shinji: “…Dad…”
Gendou: “Now, let collapse the walls of your soul, let our fractured hearts bring instrumentality to mankind. And then let us open the door to the Chamber of Guph, the door to the beginning and end of the world.”
Shinji: “…Dad!”
Gendou: “Your mother’s waiting.”
Shinji: “I… can’t accept that.”
Gendou: “Shinji…”
Shinji: “You’re just running away! To a place where you think everything will go well for you!”
Gendou: “This galaxy will soon end, from Apocalypsis.”
Shinji: “And you think mom will welcome us with open arms if we just run away!?”
Gendou: “…I see…”


Enemy reinforcements: MP Eva x9 + Eva-01 (winged)
Shinji: “Eva-01.. Why!?”
Gendou: “This is but an empty vessel, a flawed product with no soul. But it’s enough to bend you to my will.”
Shinji: “…”
Gendou: “Shinji, come with me. You cannot stop Apocalypsis.”
Shinji: “I refuse! No matter how reckless it is I won’t run away. That’s the way of living I chose…”
Gendou: “…”
Shinji: “I’m one of the Alpha Numbers… Evangelion 01’s pilot… Ikari Shinji!”
Alpha Numbers show up (some bits before this omitted)
Gendou: “So you’ve come, Alpha Numbers.”
Banjou: “Ikari Gendou…”
Misato: “Commander Ikari, what are you doing!?”
Gendou: “You already know. There is but one way through which mankind can escape the destruction of the Apocalypsis. That is by throwing away their form of man and becoming one with the infinite power. Yes… like the people of the sixth civilization.”
Cosmo: “What!?”
(Some in-game plot babble omitted)
Gendou: “Ide, Getter rays, Bimular, The Power, and so many other unknown energies… All of those are naught more than the infinite power changing its shape and showing parts of itself.”
Carsha: “Ide is part of Akashic Record too!?”
Cosmo: “So Ide, the infinite power is destroying the galaxy!? It’s abandoned us!?”
Gendou: “There’s no point thinking about it. This universe is a failed one of many countless others. That’s right… like an experiment in a flask.”


Misato: “Commander Ikari! This is your last warning, please, stop this!”
Gendou: “No.”
Shinji: “Dad…”
Kaworu: “You’re just like Shinji. If only you could express your soul in a better way this outcome might have been different… Like with a song. The epitome of the Lilin’s culture, that is where the answer lies… Some among the Protoculture thought that.”
Shinji: “Kaworu…”
Kaworu: “Shinji… We shall soon have to part again. Until then, let me hear the song of your soul.”
Gendou: “Shinji…”
Shinji: “Dad… I came here to save Ayanami and talk to you. I’m not running away anymore. Not from my enemies, not from this place, not from you.”
Gendou: “Man cannot escape Apocalypsis. It was so stated in the Akashic Record. To fight is futile. It’s more important to leave proof that we lived here behind, to the next world. To achieve that we have to throw away our bodies and fuse our souls with the infinite power, and be reborn in the new world beyond the end of the galaxy. That’s the endless cycle of birth, evolution, death and rebirth. I’ll say it just once more… Come, Shinji. Your mother’s waiting… Yui is waiting.”
Shinji: “You’re just how I was like before! You found something that you can’t overcome, and so you’re just running away! You have no right to speak of the end of the world!”
Gendou: “…to think the day would come when I hear such things come out of your mouth.”
Shinji: “!”
Gendou: “You’ve grown. Looks like it was right of me to send you to the Alpha Numbers.”
Gendou: “…I have nothing more to say. Show me your power if you wish to stop me.”
Shinji: “I’m coming, dad…!”


(Gendou’s Eva defeated)
Gendou: “…”
Shinji: “Dad…!”
Gendou: “…I’ve been waiting for this for so long… At last we meet again… Yui…”
Shinji: “Mom’s name? But why…”
Gendou: “If I’m by his side he’ll just get hurt. I never should have done anything.”
Rei: “You were afraid of him.”
Shinji: “Ayanami!?”
Rei: “That’s why you avoided contact with Shinji.”
Gendou: “I could not believe that another would love me. I don’t have that right.”
Kaworu: “You were just running. You rejected the world because you were afraid of being hurt.”
Rei: “Among people you grew afraid of that which you could not see, and closed your heart.”
Gendou: “And so this is my retribution…”
(The copy Eva-01 starts falling towards Gendou)
Shinji: “Dad!”
Gendou: “I’m sorry, Shinji…”
(It crashes into Gendou and blows up)
Shinji: “Dad! DAAAAAAAAD!”

And I’m done.

FYI the stuff about Apocalypsis is from the game’s main story about the end of the galaxy, and Alpha Numbers is the unit the player characters belong to (previous called Londo Bell). The stuff about Ide is a mix of original story stuff and Ideon.