Shinji Ikari Raising Project (5/12/13)


Kaworu (1:04): You’ve become sick of getting hurt, haven’t you… losing the ability to like others, you’ve come to hate yourself. All of the A.T. Fields have tumbled down – having lost their egos, humanity is melting together… and until the very end, I’ll be watching.
As a proof of my love for you.
Someday, the both of us might meet again. When that time comes, it’d be nice if we could stay together.
Farewell, Lilims.
Farewell, Shinji-kun.


Kaworu: “By the way, the length of a star’s life (shining?) span is called “star longevity”. I’m sure Shinji-kun can achieve that. (Hard to translate, he sort of hopes that Shinji will live a long life…?)

Shinji: “Kaworu-kun, you know… it really feels like there’s nothing you don’t know about…”
Kaworu: “Well, it must be the same for you – you know a lot about things you’re interested in, right?”

Shinji: “Right…”
Kaworu: “It’s simple as that.”


Kaworu: “The wind, huh… it’s gotten a bit cold, hasn’t it. Come here.”

Shinji: “K-Kaworu-kun…!”
Kaworu: “This way, the both of us will be warm.”
Shinji: “But…”

Kaworu: “Watching the stars with someone is always better. They shine much brighter than when you’re alone.”

Shinji: “Have you always been watching them alone… to think that stars could be this pretty, it’s the first time for me as well.

Kaworu: “Alone, lonely, one always compares himself to the stars of the universe…especially fragile / delicate people like you.”


Kaworu: Hey, Shinji.
Shinji: What, Kaworu? My hands are kind of full right now.
Kaworu: How cold. Well, if you’re going to be like that, I’ll just have to do this!
Shinji: Ahaha! H-Hey, Kaworu, stop, this is dangerous!
Shinji: How am I supposed to get dinner finished like this?
Kaworu: Who cares about dinner? I’m more in the mood to slowly tell you how much I love you right now.
Shinji: Kaworu…
Kaworu: You’re so red… How adorable, Shinji.
Shinji: I mean… I mean, you’re all I have in the world, you’re my one and only Kaworu…
Kaworu: Shinji… Thank you for loving me.
Shinji: Ahh… Kaworu…

Misato: To think Shinji would elope with a man. I never would have imagined it. Did I raise him wrong?
Misato: But, I guess this kind of thing happens. They love each other and Shinji is happy, so I don’t see a problem.
Misato: What? You don’t agree? Well, you can say that all you like, but… Well…