Kaworu the Makeup Artist

Originated from anneemay.tumblr.com (8/9/13)
Translated by /a/ anon


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuK5DSEF4I4 sub it

Shinji: (Kaworu seems worried about something.)

Shinji: Kaworu, what’s wrong?
Kaworu: Oh, well, we’re going to have career counseling at school soon aren’t we?
Shinji: Oh, yeah. Now that you mention it, I think we are.
Kaworu: To think I’d have any sort of freedom to chose my future.
Shinji: Huh?
Kaworu: I’m allowed to live. But, I’m not allowed to live my life according to my desires.
Shinji: That’s awful… Is it because of my father?
Kaworu: It’s not because of anyone at Nerv. No matter. I’m plenty happy because I can be with you, Shinji.
Shinji: Kaworu, what do you want to do when you grow up?
Kaworu: If I get my wish… I want to become a makeup artist.
Shinji: Huh… What kind of job is that?
Kaworu: It involves applying makeup to people, drawing out their charms to make them all the more beautiful.
Shinji: You’ve really thought about your future.
Shinji: That’s great… You’re amazing…
Shinji: I don’t really have any goals.
Shinji: But, I want to help you, Kaworu.
Shinji: To make your dream come true.
Kaworu: Thank you.
Kaworu: Well, I do have a little favor to ask.
Kaworu: Would you let me practice on you?
Shinji: Huh?
Shinji: Practice on me?
Kaworu: You’re a wonderful canvas.
Kaworu: I’m sure makeup will suit you.
Kaworu: Let me make you pretty…
Shinji: Huh!?
Shinji: I’m a boy!
Shinji: Wearing makeup is a little…
Kaworu: Didn’t you want to help me make my dream come true?
Shinji: …Um, yeah but.
Shinji: ………Okay, fine.
Shinji: Go ahead.
Kaworu: Alright… First, I’ll use this cleanser on you…. And then I’ll apply moisturizer to your skin…
Shinji: Huh… You sure have a lot of stuff.
Kaworu: Yeah, I bought it with my salary. I usually try them out on myself. You’re the first other person I’ve done this with, Shinji.
Shinji: R-Really?
Kaworu: With this foundation, it makes your skin more radiant.
Kaworu: Um, I’ll use a liquid foundation.
Kaworu: I’ll mix two of the pinker ones together…
Kaworu: And then the powder…
Kaworu: And some highlighter with some shimmer in it…
Shinji: H-How do I look…?
Kaworu: You look beautiful, Shinji.
Shinji: Really…
Kaworu: I used a green base on your eyes.
Kaworu: I layered blue on top and then the mascara…
Kaworu: And for your cheeks, a cheerful pink.
Kaworu: And for your lips, a layer of gloss.
Kaworu: An orangy pink looks nice.
Kaworu: Hehe… so pretty.
Kaworu: Like a delicious fruit.
Kaworu: I’m sure it’d taste sweet and sour.
Shinji: Are you done?
Kaworu: Yeah, look in the mirror…
Shinji: I…
Shinji: Kinda feel like I look like someone.
Shinji: Ayanami…
Shinji: No way, right.
Kaworu: It turned out well today, hehe.
Kaworu: Next time I’ll do a cooler and more romantic look.
Shinji: Huh… you want to do it again?
Kaworu: You want to help make my dream come true right?
Kaworu: Don’t worry, I’ll make you look pretty.
Kaworu: Right?
Shinji: Alright.
Shinji: But don’t tell anyone.
Kaworu: Alright. It’ll be our little secret.