Kaworu Nagisa Raising Project

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>Shinji starts crying about his dad
>Kaworu: “Don’t worry, I’ll hug you tight forever. I’ll never abandon you.” http://i.imgur.com/slUIDQt.png



Kaworu: Hey, Shinji…
Shinji: Huh? What…
Kaworu: Sit still for a second…
Shinji: K-K-Kaworu!?
Kaworu: …got it.
Shinji: …What. There was just rice on my face?
Kaworu: What’s wrong? Why is your face so red?
Shinji: N-Nothing!
Kaworu: Did you think I was about to kiss you?
Shinji: O-Of course not! We’re both boys after all…
Kaworu: You’re so cute, Shinji.
Shinji: Stop teasing me, Kaworu!
Kaworu: Hahaha. Alright, I’ll stop. You’re the only person whose opinion I care about after all.
Shinji: Kaworu…


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Kaworu: A breeze, huh… It’s a bit cold isn’t it? Commere.
Shinji: Wah, Kaworu!
Kaworu: Both of us will be warmer this way.
Shinji: Yeah, but…
Kaworu: Star gazing with someone else is so much better. They seem to shine brighter than when you’re alone.
Shinji: Kaworu, have you always looked at them alone? I think this might be the first time I’ve seen the stars look quite this beautiful.


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Shinji: Umm… Kaworu, do you have a minute?
Kaworu: What is it? You’re never the one to talk to me first.
Shinji: Yeah… So…
Kaworu: You look tense.
Shinji: Yeah… Um…
Misato: Oh, Shinji, just the person I was looking for.
Misato: It looks like I won’t be home tonight either. Take care of the house, alright?
Shinji: Um, Misato!
Shinji: Tonight, can I… stay over at Kaworu’s place?
Misato: ….Well. If it’s alright with Kaworu, it’s alright with me.
Kaworu: I don’t mind.
Misato: Thanks, Kaworu. I feel better about this than leaving him alone.
Shinji: Thank you, Misato, Kaworu!
Misato: Don’t worry about it! I’m sorry you have to make such a fuss over me anyway.
Misato: Bye for now, Shinji, Kaworu.
Kaworu: My, my. Ms. Katsuragi sure is busy.
Shinji: It’s crazy right now, she can’t help it.
Kaworu: Shall we go?
Shinji: Sure.