Girlfriend of Steel 2

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Girlfriend of Steel 2:

Kaworu: Shinji, your profile is lovely.
Shinji: Thank you. You’re beautiful too, Kaworu.
Kaworu: Your smile is like a sunflower blooming in a field.
Shinji: ……
Kaworu: I suddenly feel the urge to embrace you.
Shinji: You can’t! It’ll make me feel weird…


For whatever reason this elevator can only fit two people at a time. How convenient!

Shinji decides to take Kaworu.

Kaworu: Let’s have ourselves a little rendezvous~

Kaworu comments on the technology of the elevator and then–

Kaworu: Close your eyes.
Shinji: Huh?
Kaworu: Close your eyes, Shinji.
Shinji: Okay… they’re closed.
Kaworu: Proof of my friendship….
Shinji: Kaworu…
Kaworu: It’s a good thing, right?
Shinji: I feel like I made a mistake…

Damnit, Shinji.