Fuyutsuki’s Scenario 02 Event

Originated from zemeth.tumblr.com (5/8/13)
Translated by Koori


http://youtu.be/r26VFYHj1dY video version, sub it

Another Cases – Fuyutsuki’s Scenario 02 Event
Because this needs to be shared. Translation by Koori and screencaps/audio recordings by yours truly.

Speaking of the audio recordings… Listen to those while reading this. I can’t stress that enough. The voice acting and BGM choice for this really adds to it.

Fuyutsuki: Greetings, Shinji-kun…

Shinji: Oh, hello…

Fuyutsuki: How about you accompany me for a minute until we reach my room? I have something I wish to talk to you about.

Shinji: You do…? O-okay…


Shinji: Uhmm… what did you want to talk to me about?

Fuyutsuki: You resemble her…

Shinji: Huh…?

Fuyutsuki: You really do resemble her very well. Resemble Yui-kun…

Shinji: As in… my mother?

Fuyutsuki: Shinji-kun, could you please put this on?

I was handed a paper bag. Inside it, there were clothes.


Shinji: Wh-what is this!?

Fuyutsuki: Indeed, now, put it on…

Fuyutsuki: Oooh, it really is an exact copy…! Yui-kun…

Fuyutsuki: Could you please call me Professor Fuyutsuki?

Shinji: …P-Professor Fuyutsuki.

Fuyutsuki: Now, line up as I’ll take a photo.

Shinji: W-wait…

Fuyutsuki: Next, put this on…

Shinji: I’m changing into another outfit again!?

Shinji: Uhmm, I… these clothes are a little…

Fuyutsuki: Now, get on this bed. With upturned eyes.

Fuyutsuki: You’re so beautiful… Yui-kun.

Shinji: Uhmm… Vice Commander?

Fuyutsuki: Call me Professor Fuyutsuki!

Shinji: P-Professor Fuyutsuki… For how much longer will I have to…?

Fuyutsuki: Oh, that’s right. Well then, let’s hurry on to the next one. Next, put on this bikini…

Shinji: P-please wait! That’s…!?

Fuyutsuki: Come on!

Shinji: N-no… H-help me…

Shinji: Help me, father, motheeeeeer!!


Shinji: …


Ran away in a state of panic.