Convenience Store

Originated from,, (5/8/13)
Translated by /a/ anon

——————————————————— needs subbing

Not actually a date though, you just get to pick somewhere to go and Kaworu happens to be there (as well as Hyuuga)

>Player: Kawor– he’s here! He’s here he’s here he’s here! (To Hyuuga:) What are you looking at? This is my Kaworu-kun. (lol)
>Kaworu: Hey, Shinji-kun.
>Shinji: Kaworu-kun… Have you gotten used to things around here?
>Kaworu: What an anxious expression you have. Were you worried about me? It’s fine, you don’t need to. It must be hard, for humans to show their worries from the colour of their face alone. Just relax, and let’s be good friends, Shinji-kun…

> [Look at Kaworu]
>Kaworu: Could it be that you wanted to look at my eyes..? They’re the same as the First’s, so there isn’t anything particularly odd, is there?

>Shinji: Um, did you want anything from me…?
>Kaworu: I have a favour to ask of you. I was wondering if I can get to know you better/be better friends with you.
>Shinji: I see… I’ll try and talk to you more from now on.
>Kaworu: I’m counting on you.

>Kaworu: Ah, I wanted to ask you something. How are you feeling?
>Shinji: Nothing’s really different… Normal, I guess?
>Kaworu: …Thanks for letting me know.
>[Shinji smiles kindly.]

>Shinji: Hey, I was listening intently in class, but afterwards I couldn’t get it at all.
>Kaworu: Hmm, is that so.

>[Hold his hand] [Embrace him] [Kiss him]
>Player: Well now. What do we do here, everybody? etc etc

>Player picks [Kiss him]

>Shinji: Hey…. [kisses]
>Kaworu: … So what do you think about me? Is it love…?
>Shinji: I… I love you.
>Kaworu: I’m glad. I feel your sincerity. Thank you. [Translator anon here, nah he didn’t friendzone him. Depending on how one says it, “arigatou/thank you” can be very sincere and fully-accepting of another’s feelings. It’s basically the same as saying I love you too, just… not.]
>Player: (laughing) Now I’ve done it.

>[Shinji looks at Kaworu.]
>[Kaworu meets Shinji’s gaze.]
>[Shinji smiles.]
>[Kaworu came up to you.]

>[Shinji bumped into Kaworu!]
>[Kaworu looks at Shinji’s hand.]
>Shinji: W-what…?
>Kaworu: Ah, no, it’s nothing…
>Player: Pfft, what a pure love they have going on.

>Shinji: Um hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you something. What do you feel like doing right now?
>Kaworu: I was thinking I’d like to spend time with some close friends. (literally what he says though I may have misinterpreted it and he’s just saying he’s enjoying his time with Shinji)
>Shinji: I see, thanks!
Then they talk about something in Shinji’s hand I don’t really know haha, not really important.

Anyway that’s about it for the translation of the video, Kaworu tries to leave the convenience store but Shinji/Player stops him and asks him about his health before leaving.


The way the player and Shinji stop him is really moe though, Shinji especially

>Player: Oi– wait, wait wait wait!
>Shinji: Hey hey hey..! (nee nee nee~!)