“Broken Wings” Kaworu Ending

Obtained from koorinokokoro.tumblr.com (5/4/13)
Translated by Koorinokokoro


Since I’ve seen pretty often people mislabeling of what the Kaworu ending is in the game, I figured I’d attempt posting what actually qualifies for that position in the form of the Good/True ending of Kaworu’s own scenario as the sort-of gift for passing 150 followers even if I still have no idea how I reached that number while being away for a week or so.

This is also dedicated to those wondering of the ”what if” the boy tried harder (as those who are curious for more insight – there’s also Kaworu’s characterization monologue aka ”Maze of the Heart”)

Somewhat fitting the character, the requirement for accessing the ending is for Kaworu to have a pretty high fondness towards all the other characters (without it mattering what their opinion of Kaworu himself is) before going through with fighting Leliel.

Which unlocks this new option among his possible ‘actions’ – Unleash the Power of Tabris

K: On the other side of that sky.
Beyond the stars.
To that space, where I came from.

H: Confirmed activation of an A.T Field within the satellite’s trajectory!

M: Is it an Angel!?

A: Capturing target on the screen.

M: Wha…! It’s… him!?

A: So he…really is an Angel?
To be able to stay in that harsh space environment in just his flesh and blood body…

K: … … … … … … … …

K: …It’s so quiet.

K: I know this silence. From a long time ago…

K: I know, this great feeling of tranquility…

K: From before I, became me

?: The Promised Land for you and your descendants. Was it that star…?

K: … … …

K: Who…?

?: So my voice reached you.
I’d like for you to forgive me for borrowing both your appearance and voice to converse with you.

K: Who are you…?

?: Right now, I don’t even possess a name anymore. Nor a form of my own.
I’m an existence that became life itself.

?: It seems that your soul ate too much of the fruit of life, and forgot the past…

K: You know me…?

?: Because we share our homeland and our species.

K: The First Ancestral Race…?

?: You could call it that…

?: You can’t remember?

?: We learned that we’d lose the star that served as our homeland,
and, searching for another star to live on, we set out on a journey into the midst of space…

?: Reverting our form to that of the seeds of life…
Together with many people, we merged into one…

?: So that one day, we would spread and prosper once more

K: I want to know… just what I am…

?: Including you and me, there were 7 Carriers who were to carry the people of our homeland.

?: Both you and me, after being implanted on a star somewhere, were to give form to the lives of the people we transported,
as the designers determining that form on their behalf.

K: That’s right….I awakened, and gave birth to the Angels.

K: In case I were to lose sight of myself, the plans… the Dead Sea Scrolls were left behind…

K: Did you also… prosper on a star somewhere…?

?: We’re still in the middle of our journey.

K: Which star will we arrive at, or what kind of life will be created there, we still don’t know…

K: On my star, lives sharing the same homeland are fighting each other.

K: All because two Carriers landed on a single star.

K: Actually, we shouldn’t have fought.
It’s just that we forgot about each other.

?: If you wish to, you could set out on another journey, and take the souls of your people with you.

K: How?

?: You’d need to abandon that form, but…

?: …Your children would do so too, abandoning their current form so they can return to the Carrier.

?: How about it? Would you set on a journey with me?

K: Abandon the A.T Field…?

?: Call for the spear. Wish for the time of the beginning. And then, guide the souls of your people.

H: The EVA that were in the cages… they’ve vanished!

M: What!?

A: Fifth as well. The target has been lost!

M: What’s the meaning of this…?

K: Well then let us go, my children. You as well, servants of the Lilin…

K: Farewell, Lilith. Farewell, Lilin.

Thank you, for teaching me of songs…


Broken Wings