“Angel, Attack” Shinji Ending

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Translation by Sailor Star Dust


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The first story

Translation by Sailor Star Dust

Maya: The Eva Series have gone silent.

Fuyutsuki: …It looks like we won, huh.

Maya: Hurry, we have to quickly check on the pilots!


Gendou: Adam and Lilith’s forbidden union. Complete all imperfect hearts, loose imperfect bodies, and have all souls become one. And, take me to Yui’s side.

Rei: ……..

Gendou: Let’s start, Rei. Release your AT Field–the wall of your heart.

Gendou: What’s the matter, Rei?

Rei: I am not your doll. I am not yours.

Gendou: I’m begging you! Wait for me, Rei!

Rei: I can’t. Ikari-kun is calling.

Gendou: Rei!


Rei: …Ikari-kun?

Shinji: I felt like there were only painful things here, so what sake am I here for…? That it’s different. I don’t understand, but… But, I did it! I fought, so I could feel a soft touch. I only did this one more time. I piloted Eva, so I can always feel that softness, I think.

Rei: Ikari-kun.

Shinji: Thank you. Ayanami, I’m happy you’re safe.

Rei: You were calling. You voice was.

Shinji: I was calling for you. Ayanami. It’s alright now. I wanted to see you.

Rei: Is that so…


Fuyutsuki: So you couldn’t meet with her? She’s alone within Shogoki, to not stop believing in us.

Gendou: …….

Fuyutsuki: Coming to meet with her is impossible. Her will to go on living for us would be for nothing. To be the proof mankind existed. No, it’s the belief within her that she still remains.

Gendou: …That has been already decided, before now…

Fuyutsuki: Ikari. You are no different than the rest of us.


Shinji: I don’t know what will happen from now on. Why my heart could be hurt I don’t know. That’s why, I believe I wanted to see you.

Rei: I don’t understand within myself. For Earth’s sake by my helping Commander Ikari. That’s what I thought there was. That’s why I’m glad. That I didn’t live on just for that person’s sake, I’m glad. But I wanted to see you. Ikari-kun. Only that. I wanted to see you.

Shinji: Let’s go. Everyone’s heart is here.

Rei: Yeah…

Yui, Episode 20 flashback: Oh, but as long as you have the will to live, anywhere can be Heaven. Because you’re alive. There will be chances to be happy everywhere.

Gendou, Episode 20 flashback: I see. That’s true.

Shinji: Thank you, Mother. Thank you, Father.

“Angel, Attack”: The End.