All About Kaworu – End of Evangelion

Obtained from (5/6/13)
Translated by /cm/ anon


Your clones fall from sky.
A broken heart can’t be repaired.
Thus, the Human Instrumentality Project begins.
The Human Instrumentality Project is starting.
All human’s soul will merge into one, return to the beginning.
All merge into one.
All merge into one.

“Is this all right?
Always run away,
Reject the world before it hurts you.”

But the last hope is still not merged.
The hope looks like you.
In the world where everything becomes one,
There is still reunion and leaving.
“It is OK that the A.T. Field will hurt you and others again?”
It doesn’t matter.
“The words ‘I love you’.”
——Even if it is just a lie that my heart made up,
Even if it is only my own wishful thinking……
So let’s make a wish.
“Please let me redo again.”
No matter how many times
“Thank you” and “Goodbye”
Wishing for reunion and leaving.