1.2.7 Self Invasion

Obtained from cake-slice.tumblr.com (5/5/13)
Translated by /cm/ anon


When people are in deep sleep, their Ego Barrier will go down.

That night, Kaworu crossed over Shinji’s self boundary and visited his world. “Is this a dream?” Shinji asked in his mind. Kaworu sat on his bed, he tilted his head.

“Yes, it is something like that. You are the one who usually calls me to come here, and you probably forgot all about this after you woke up. But I came to you myself today, because I have something important to tell you.”

Kaworu’s smile vanished. Shinji became uneasy.

“Right now, a me who is not me, a ‘black being’ is gradually awakening.”

Being stared by Kaworu, Shinji’s uneasiness began to swell. Even though he knew this is only his own imagination, Shinji still asked: “Is it because we choose to exist individually?”. Kaworu nodded, he was smiling again.
“But it is not “we”, right? It was your choice, and indeed, that is one of the reasons. But, you are the most important person to me, I wouldn’t give you up to him……That one hates Lilin……Yes, he hates music.”